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Contact Information: Māori Staff

Following are the contact details for some Māori staff and their offices at the University. You can also contact individual Divisions and Departments and ask to speak to people involved in the area in which you are seeking information.  If in doubt, the Office of Māori Development can assist or any one of the offices or people listed below.

Office of Māori Development

Omd Staff Photo

(Left to Right) Hinerangi Nielsen (Kaiwhakahaere Tari, Personal Assistant/Administrator), Mark Brunton (Kaiwhakahaere Rakahau Māori, Research Manager Māori), Matt Matahaere (Kaiwhakahaere Pūtere, Project Manager),Claire Porima (Kaiwhakahaere Pūtere, Project Man Tuari Potiki (Kaiwhakahaere, Director) and  Claire Porima (Kaiwhakahaere Pūtere, Project Manager).


(Left to Right) Tuari Potiki (Kaiwhakahaere, Director),  Claire Porima (Kaiwhakahaere Pūtere, Project Manager),Mark Brunton (Kaiwhakahaere Rakahau Māori, Research Manager Māori), Hinerangi Nielsen (Kaiwhakahaere Tari, Personal Assistant/Administrator), Miriam Keane (Kaituitui o Te Poutama Māori) and Janine Kapa (Kaiwhakahaere Tuarua, Deputy Director). 


Team Omd 2011

(Left to Right) Claire Porima (Kaiwhakahaere Pūtere, Project Manager), Janine Kapa (Kaiwhakahaere Tuarua, Deputy Director),  Mark Brunton (Kaiwhakahaere Rakahau Māori, Research Manager MāoriKaiwhakahaere Rakahau Māori, Research Manager Māori) and Kaiwhakahaere Tari, Personal Assistant/Administrator Miriam Keane (Kaiwhakahaere Tari, Personal Assistant/Administrator).

OMD Team

(Left to Right) Mark Brunton (Facilitator Research Māori), Janine Kapa (Project Manager), Claire Porima (Project Officer) and Darryn Russell (Director).  

The University established the Office of Māori Development (OMD) following Council’s endorsement of its Māori Strategic Framework (MSF) in 2007 (see also information on the MSF's developmental history). The 2005 Treaty of Waitangi Stocktake clearly identified that while a large and varied range of activity was occurring in the area of Māori development, it lacked a cohesive ‘map’ as well as clear, centralised leadership. The development and implementation of the MSF therefore initiated an institutional change for the University, led from the Vice-Chancellor’s Office. It  ‘normalised’ Māori development at the University, and has since become a natural part of life across all of the University’s four campuses.

The main role of the OMD is to provide leadership to both academic and service divisions and to create opportunities for information sharing, clear communication and collaboration, enabling the MSF to move off the page and into the workplace.

The Office also manages the University’s Treaty partnerships and a variety of other projects associated with Māori development. It consists of:

Tuari Potiki
Kāi Tahu, Kāti Mamoe, Waitaha
Extension 8420

Research Manager Māori
Mark Brunton
Kāi Tahu
Extension 8738
For more information on the Maori Research Consultation Policy, go here.

Project Manager
Claire Porima
Waikato, Ngāti Hikairo
Extension 7461

Project Manager
Matt Matahaere
Kāi Tahu
Extension 8074

Personal Assistant/Administrator
Hinerangi Nielsen
Waikato, Ngāti Apakura
Extension 8081

For a copy of the Māori Strategic Framework.

Māori Staff Networks

Awhi Mai Awhi Atu (AMAA)

AMAA is a network of Māori staff and staff who support Māori staff and/or students at the University of Otago.

As its Constitution outlines, it exists to:

Māori Health Units

The University has three Schools of Medicine; one in Dunedin, one in Christchurch and another in Wellington.

Each of these schools has a Māori health unit; contact information for each unit is listed below:

Māori and Indigenous Health Institute (MIHI)

Suzanne Pitama 

Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairoa, Ngāti Whare

03 364 3635

 or please follow the link provided

Te Roopu Rangahau Hauroa a Eru Pomare 


Bridget Robson 
Ngāti Raukawa

04 918 5784 


Ngāi Tahu Maori Health Research Unit
Director of NTMHRU
Emma Wyeth
03 479 4064

For more information about the Centre please follow the link provided

Hauora Maori
Associate Dean
Dr. Joanne Baxter 

Kāi Tahu/Ngāti Apa ki Te Rā To

03 479 7176