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Māori Student Support: Contact Information

The University of Otago is well renowned for the amount of support its staff offer tauira Māori (Māori students) who enrol to study here. Listed below are a range of services, support people, resources and groups which contribute to a successful experience for Māori students at Otago, and ultimately, their personal and academic development.

Nau mai, haere mai, tahuti mai ki Te Whare Wānanga o Otāgo!

Te Huka Mātauraka

Māori Centre

Maori Centre Staff
Frank Edwards Kaitakawaeka Māori/Māori Community Liaison Officer, Pearl Matahiki Tumuaki / Manager,
Vicky Totoro Kaitohutohu Māori/Māori Councellor, Tammi Kara Kaiwhakahaere / Administrator/Personal Assistant, Graham Green Kaitohutohu Māori/Māori Councellor, Arihia Joseph Kaituitui Mātauraka Māori/Māori Student Support Coordinator and Siu MontgomeryTūraka Hou/Kā Rikarika a Tāne Coordinator / Orientation and Mentoring Coordinator

The Māori Centre is a place dedicated to tauira Māori students (all students of Māori descent) which aims to encourage iwi Māori to participate and succeed in tertiary education. The Māori Centre offers support for academic, cultural and social needs from pre-enrolment through to graduation and operates from a kaupapa Māori base (Māori philosophy).

For information on the Māori Centre, go to the website here.

Te Roopū Māori

Te Roopū Māori is the University of Otago’s Māori Students’ Association which represents all Māori students on campus. Te Roopū Māori is a parallel student association to the Otago University Students’ Association (OUSA) and can be found just north of the Māori Centre at 527 Castle Street North, 479 8563.

For more information about Te Roopū Māori, folow this link

Whānau Guide

The Whānau Guide is a resource for whānau, as well as students who intend to come south to study at the University of Otago. Leaving the warm support of whānau, friends and familiar surroundings can be hard, both for students and the ones they leave behind. But here at Otago, we aim to provide the support and care necessary to ensure students study hard, enjoy life and develop in ways that will enrich the lives of everyone around them.

Download your copy of the Whānau Guide here.

Kaiāwhina Māori (Divisional Māori Student Support)

Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott

Division of Sciences
Stephen Scott
Te Uri o Hau
Associate Dean Māori/Manutaki Tuarua Māori
03 479 9201

Ana Rangi
Ana Rangi

Division of Humanities

Ana Rangi
Ngati Porou
Kaiāwhina Māori/Māori Student Support
03 479 8681


Division of Health Sciences
Zoe Bristowe
Whakahaere Kaupapa/Programme Manager
03 479 8459
021 2466433

School of Business

Kaiārahi Māori/Māori Student Support
03 479 5342

Kaitohutohu Tāuira Māori, Postgraduate Adviser

Pete Russell is the contact person for Māori Post Graduate students. Pete can provide information and support, advocate on your behalf, and connect you with programmes and research hui that may assist your postgraduate study.

You can contact Pete by email: maori.postgrad@otago.ac.nz

Māori Student Groups and Associations